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Error Message is Unclear for Block Authentication Failures When Using the EMC Celerra Connector

KB1248 - Apr 26, 2019

Type: Troubleshooting

Description: This article provides the MRL rule to create to ensure block authentication failures are properly reported by the EMC Celerra Connector.

Additional Keywords: Hardware Connectors, PATROL Events

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When authentication to the block side of a VNX Unified System fails, the EMC Celerra/VNX Unified System (SSH) connector reports the authentication failure as a Logical Disk Problem:

Logical Disk problem on ( with NaviSphere CLI Failure. This logical disk is in critical state. Reported status: Authentication failed for block side of system. Hardware Health Report (Thu Oct 4 12:14:08 2018) ====================== Monitored object : NaviSphere CLI Failure Type : Logical Disk On host : PS_VNX5300_CS ( PATROL object ID : /MS_HW_LOGICALDISK/MS_HW_EMCCelerrahdfPS_VNX5300_CS_NaviSphereCLIFailure Internal device ID : NaviSphere CLI Failure Connector used : MS_HW_EMCCelerra.hdf This object is attached to: Storage: CKM00120500875 (EMC VNX5300) Type: Enclosure Serial number: CKM00120500875 Identifying Information: - VNX5300 Hardware on PS_VNX5300_CS ============================================================ Parameter: Status (Currently in ALARM state)

To solve this issue, an MRL rule must be created to have the event reclassified as an MS_HW_CONNECTOR event.


To have the event reclassified as an MS_HW_CONNECTOR event:

  1. Create a file containing the following rule:

     refine sentry_HandlingEmcCelerraAuthfailures : PATROL_EV($EV)
     where [ $EV.status != CLOSED AND $EV.mc_object_class == 'MS_HW_LOGICALDISK' AND $EV.mc_object contains '_NaviSphereCLIFailure']
       $EV.mc_object_class = 'MS_HW_CONNECTOR';
       $EV.msg = 'Excessive failed authentication attempts for block side of system on: ' || $EV.mc_host ;
       ntadd($EV,'The original event has been updated by the sentry_HandlingEmcCelerraAuthfailures rule');
  2. Save this file as sentry_HandlingEmcCelerraAuthfailures.mrl in the cell’s knowledge base rule directory MCELL_HOME/etc/<cellname>/kb/rules

  3. Update your .load file accordingly:

    • Edit the .load file stored in MCELL_HOME/etc/<cellname>/kb/rule
    • Add an entry for the sentry rule. Please note that the entry must not include the “.mrl” extension
    • Save the .load file
  4. Run the following command to compile the knowledge base:

     mccomp –n <cellname>
  5. Run the following command to restart the cell:

     mcontrol –n <cellname> reload kb