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Monitoring EMC Isilon Clusters (REST API) Using Hardware Sentry

KB1250 - Apr 30, 2019

Type: Best practice

Description: How to monitor EMC Isilon Clusters through the REST API.

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This article explains how to monitor EMC Isilon Clusters through the REST API.


To use the EMC Isilon REST connector, a user must be specified. It must have an assigned role with sufficient privileges on the system. The following read privileges are required for the role associated to the user:

  • Platform API Login (ISI_PRIV_LOGIN_PAPI)
  • Devices (ISI_PRIV_DEVICES)
  • Network (ISI_PRIV_NETWORK)

These permissions can be set through the CLI, using the command isi auth roles modify. For example:

isi auth roles modify “rolename” --add-priv-ro=ISI_PRIV_LOGIN_PAPI --add-priv-ro=ISI_PRIV_DEVICES --add-priv-ro=ISI_PRIV_SMARTPOOLS --add-priv-ro=ISI_PRIV_NETWORK


To monitor EMC Isilon Clusters with Hardware Sentry using REST API:

  1. Log in to TrueSight Presentation Server.
  2. Create a new policy:

    • Specify the general properties and agent selection criteria.
    • Add a monitoring configuration.
    • Select the Hardware Monitoring Solution.

      Creating a policy to monitor EMC Isilon Clusters

    • In the Hardware Configuration section, click Add:

      Providing the Isilon Information

      • Indicate the name of the device you wish to monitor. This may be a label or the actual hostname.
      • Enter the IP address of the device. If no IP address is provided, the device name previously specified will be used.
      • Select Storage (Array, Switch, Library) as Device Type.
      • Enable HTTP and provide the required configuration information.

        Enabling HTTP

      • Specify the connector to be used:

        Selecting the EMC Isilon Cluster REST Connector

        • Select Use Specified Connectors.
        • In the Connector File Names field, enter MS_HW_EMCIsilonREST.hdf.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click Save. After a few minutes, your device will be displayed in TrueSight.

    Monitoring EMC Isilon Clusters with the MS_HW_EMCIsilonREST.hdf connector