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Class-41 Events not Sent to Cell After Upgrading PATROL Agent to v9.5

KB1138 - May 13, 2014

Type: Problem

Description: How to send the class-41 events generated by the Sentry Software’s KMs to the BEM/BPPM cell when using PATROL Agent v9.5.

Additional Keywords: BEM, BPPM, Class 11, Class 41, Events, PATROL Agent, wpconfig

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The class-41 events generated by Monitoring Studio KM and Hardware Sentry KM may have been configured to be automatically sent to the BEM/BPPM cell as specified in the KB1104. However, after upgrading the PATROL Agent to v9.5, these events may no longer appear in the cell.


When this issue occurs, you can notice in the Event Manager that class-11 and class -41 events are generated:

Class-11 and 41 Events in the Event Manager

Class-11 and 41 Events in the Event Manager

But that only the class-11 event appears in the BEM/BPPM cell:

class-11 event not appearing in the BEM/BPPM cell


To solve this issue and make PATROL Agent v9.5 send class-41 events to the BEM/BPPM cell:

  1. Run wpconfig
  2. In the Tree view, double-click EventSetup > Format >BiiP3 > catalogs > 0 > types > 41
  3. Set the Active variable to 1
  4. wpconfig - Set the Active variable to 1

  5. Apply your new configuration.
  6. Restart the PATROL Agent.

Class-41 events will now appear in the BEM/BPPM cell.
Class-41 events appearing in the BEM/BPPM cell