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Removing an EMC Symmetrix System from the SMI-S Provider

KB1152 - Aug 21, 2014

Type: Best practice

Description: How to remove an EMC Symmetrix array from the SMI-S provider using the remsys command and the TestSmiProvider utility.

Additional Keywords: EMC, Performance, remsys, SMI-S provider, Symmetrix, TestSmiProvider

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To reduce the SMI-S provider workload and therefore improve performance, it is recommended to remove some EMC systems from the SMI-S provider. This action can be performed with the remsys command.


The “remsys” command requires SMI-S 4.3.x or later.


  1. Log into the server where the SMI-S Provider is installed.
  2. Open a command prompt.
  3. Change directory to: C:\Program Files\EMC\ECIM\ECOM\bin (where C:\ is the ECIM install drive).
  4. Type TestSmiProvider to launch the utility.
  5. Login with an Admin username and password.
  6. Type “ein” to enumerate instance names.
  7. Type the class value “Symm_StorageSystem”. The utility should produce an output similar to the following:

    ++++ Testing EnumerationInstanceNames: Symm_StorageSystem ++++
    Instance 0:
    Symm_StorageSystem.CreationClassName="Symm_StorageSystem",Name="SYMMETRIX+0001949xxxxx"Instance 1:

  8. Copy  the entire path of the array that you wish to remove 
    Example: Symm_StorageSystem.CreationClassName="Symm_StorageSystem",Name="SYMMETRIX+0001949xxxxx"
  9. Append the EMC Symmetrix path to WBEM server path.
    Example: //"Symm_StorageSystem",Name="SYMMETRIX+0001949xxxxx"
  10. Type “remsys”.
  11. Type “Y” to confirm.
  12. Paste the new object path at the Systems ObjectPath prompt.
  13. Type “Y” to confirm.

The EMC Symmetrix array should now be removed. You can run a “dv” command to verify the system has actually been removed.