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How to Rebuild the SYMAPI Database in the EMC SMI-S Provider

KB1161 - Nov 24, 2014

Type: Best Practice

Description: How to rebuild the SYMAPI database in the EMC SMI-S provider if the database is in an inconsistent state or if it fails to synchronize data.

Additional Keywords: ECOM, EMC, SYMAPI database, SMI-S provider

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The Sentry Software’s solutions for EMC Storage systems are based on the EMC SMI-S provider. At times, the internal database of EMC SMI-S provider may fail to synchronize data or be in an inconsistent state during the synchronization.

When these situations occur, the following error message appears in the Sentry solutions’ debug logs:

138 F:ERROR_FAMILY_FAILED R:1200019 1200019 : "The internal database is in an inconsistent state, and must be fully synchronized before performing this operation."

To solve this issue, you need to rebuild the SYMAPI database of the EMC SMI-S provider.


  1. Backup and remove the symapi database. The symapi database file (symapi_db.bin) can be located in C:\Program Files\EMC\SYMAPI\db\
  2. Stop the ECOM service.
  3. Stop all Solutions Enabler daemons.
  4. Remove all files located in Program files\emc\symapi\log.
  5. Remove all files located in Program files\emc\ecim\ecom\log.
  6. Stop the slp daemon.
  7. Restart the ECOM service.
  8. Start the slp daemon.