Installing the EMC SMI-S Provider (SAN Monitoring)

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The solution leverages the EMC SMI-S Provider for VNX (CLARiiON) and VMAX (Symmetrix) systems that needs to be installed on a Windows or Linux system. The following procedure explains in details how to get, install and configure EMC SMI-S Provider to enable EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL to efficiently interact with it.

importantTo monitor Symmetrix disk arrays it is strongly recommended using the SMI-S provider that is pre-installed in the Management Console.

1. Install the EMC SMI-S Provider

1.Access the EMC’s Online Support website:
2.Log in with the User ID and Password provided by EMC’s  Online Support. If you do not have an account, you can register directly on EMC’s  Online Support website.
3.Click Downloads.


EMC Online Support - Welcome Page

4.Type SMI-S Provider and click Enter.


EMC Online Support -  Downloads Page

5.Download the SMI-S Provider executable file. It is recommended to download the x64 package of the version 4.6 available for your operating system.
6.Launch the executable file.
7.Select the items required by EMC Solutions Enabler with SMI and click Install.
8.The EMC Solutions Enabler with SMI X64 welcome page appears. Click Next to begin the installation.


EMC Solutions Enabler with SMI X64 — Welcome Page

9.Select an install directory for EMC Solutions Enabler and click Next to continue. Please note that it is recommended that you choose the default directory.


EMC Solutions Enabler with SMI X64 — Destination Folder

10.Select both Array Provider and Host Provider and click Next to continue.


EMC Solutions Enabler with SMI X64 - Provider List

11.In the Service List dialog box, click Next.


EMC Solutions Enabler with SMI X64- Service List

12.Click Install to begin installing files to your selected folder.


EMC Solutions Enable with SMI X64 — Start Installation

13.When the Installation Wizard Complete dialog box opens, click Finish to complete the setup.


EMC Solutions Enable with SMI X64 — Installation Program Complete

14.When the installation procedure is complete, update your environment variable for path to include the EMCSolutions Enabler installation directory, which by default is C:\Program Files\EMC\SYMCLI\bin, in order to run the command line utilities from any directory.


2.  Add CLARiiON/VNX Disk Array to the Installed SMI-S Provider

1.Navigate to C:\Program Files\EMC\SYMCLI\storbin and run TestSmiProvider.exe.
2.For connection type, type ssl
3.For Host, type enter
4.Repeat the operation for Port, Username, Password, Log output to console, Log output to file, and Logfile path:
5.Type addsys
type y (yes)
type 1 (Default for CLARiiON/VNX)
type (SPA IP Address of the CLARiiON/VNX array)
type (SPB IP Address of the CLARiiON/VNX Array)

type enter
type 2
type 2
type the username (type a user that has at least a read access on the CLARiiON/VNX Array)
type the password (password of the above user)

then type enter

5.A message meaning  that the CLARiiON/VNX Array has been added is displayed as shown on the picture below


3. Add a User to SMI-S provider

1.Access https://<ip-host>:5989/ecomconfig, where <ip-host> is either the IP address of the name of the SMI-S Provider host
2.Log in using the username admin and #1Password as password.
3.Click Add User and create a user with the role of Administrator. This newly created username can now be used to obtain access to the Array Provider.

4. Add authorization information

1.Shut down the EMC CIM Server (The service name is ECOM.exe and it displays as ECOM in the Services control panel.)
2.Use the SYMCLI symcfg command, as shown in the following syntax example, to add the username and password for each CLARiiON storage processor: symcfg authorization add -host HostName -username UserName -password PassWord
3.Add authorization for CLARiiON storage processor A with IP address <ip1>, username clariion and password clarpass, using the following command: symcfg auth add -host -username clariion -password clarpass
4.Then, repeat the operation with CLARiiON storage processor B
You must list the information for storage processor A first, then storage processor B. Any time a locally-attached CLARiiON is added to the EMC SMI-S Provider, the EMC CIM Server must first be shut down. Once shut down, the authorization information can be added as described previously and the EMC CIM Server must be restarted.
5.Start EMC CIM Server.

noteThe time set on the SMI-S Provider may differ from the time of the PATROL Agent. To ensure an accurate time information, it is recommended to synchronize the SMI-S Provider time with the time set on the PATROL Agent.