Grafana Dashboards

Grafana can easily display the metrics collected by Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector and stored in a Prometheus Server. Sentry Software provides pre-built Sustainable IT dashboards that leverage these metrics to report on the health of the hardware of the monitored systems, and on the carbon emissions of these systems:

Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector Sustainable IT Dashboard


Before you can start configuring and using Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector dashboards, you must have:

  1. configured Hardware Sentry Exporter for Prometheus.
  2. configured the Prometheus server
  3. run both Hardware Sentry Exporter for Prometheus and the Prometheus server.

Loading Dashboards in Grafana

First, download the latest version of or hardware-dashboards-for-grafana.tar.gz from Sentry Software’s Web site. The package contains:

Dashboards Package

  • the dashboards (.json files)
  • the provisioning files (.yml files)

On Windows

  1. Uncompress in a temporary folder.

  2. Copy the provisioning folder to the grafana\conf folder on the Grafana server (default: “C:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\conf”).

  3. Copy the sustainable_IT folder in the directory of your choice on the Grafana server (ex: “C:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\public\dashboards”).

    Download Dashboards on Windows

On Linux and UNIX

  1. Uncompress hardware-dashboards-for-grafana.tar.gz in a temporary folder.
  2. Copy the provisioning folder to the grafana folder on the Grafana server (default: “/etc/grafana”).
  3. Copy the sustainable_IT folder in the directory of your choice folder on the Grafana server (ex: “/var/lib/grafana/dashboards”).

Configuring the Dashboard Provider

  1. Go to %GRAFANA_HOME%\grafana\conf\provisioning\dashboards.

  2. Open the hardware-sentry.yml file.

    Configuring Dashboard Provider

  3. Search for the path: '' parameter.

  4. Specify the path to the folder where you uncompressed the sustainable_IT folder and save your changes.


apiVersion: 1

- name: 'Sentry Software'
    orgId: 1
    folder: 'Sustainable IT by Sentry Software'
    folderUid: ''
    type: file
    updateIntervalSeconds: 60
    allowUiUpdates: true
    path: 'C:/Program Files/GrafanaLabs/grafana/public/dashboards'
    foldersFromFilesStructure: true
The path should point to the folder containing the sustainable_IT folder. This folder should only contain dashboards for Grafana.

Configuring the Data Source

The dashboards for Grafana query the Prometheus server to display the status of the hardware components. A Prometheus data source needs to be configured on the Grafana server.

  1. In \grafana\conf\provisioning\datasource, open the hardware-sentry-prometheus.yml file. Configuring Data Source Provider
  2. Enter the required settings to connect to your Prometheus server and save your changes. This will create a new data source called hardware_sentry_prometheus in Grafana.
  3. Restart the Grafana service.

The dashboards are now loaded in Grafana.


# config file version
apiVersion: 1

  # <string, required> name of the datasource. Required
- name: hardware_sentry_prometheus
  # <string, required> datasource type. Required
  type: prometheus
  # <string, required> access mode. direct or proxy. Required
  access: proxy
  # <int> org id. will default to orgId 1 if not specified
  orgId: 1
  # <string> url
  url: http://myhost-01:9090
  # <string> database password, if used
  # <string> database user, if used
  # <string> database name, if used
  # <bool> enable/disable basic auth
  basicAuth: false
  # <string> basic auth username, if used
  # <string> basic auth password, if used
  # <bool> enable/disable with credentials headers
  # <bool> mark as default datasource. Max one per org
  isDefault: true
  version: 1
  # <bool> allow users to edit datasources from the UI.
  editable: true
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