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On IBM xSeries Servers, IBM Director 5.20 or Later Will not Work After Upgrade

KB1009 - Sep 17, 2009

Type: Problem

Description: Due to a problem in its upgrade procedure, the IBM Director Agent stops working, preventing Hardware Sentry KM and BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware from monitoring the IBM xSeries server.

Additional Keywords: IBM Director, xSeries

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On IBM xSeries Servers running Windows, IBM Director 5.20.x / 6.10.x will not work after upgrading from 5.10.x or earlier. As a result, "missing device" and "failed connector" alerts are generated by Hardware Sentry KM or BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware.


A process called Pegasus Provider Adapter (ppa.exe) is still running after the upgrade.


Attempt a reinstall of the new IBM Director. If this does not work, reinstall the old version, uninstall it (do not upgrade directly) then reinstall the new version.