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DCOM 10009 Errors in the System Event Log of RSM Servers

KB1011 - Sep 24, 2009

Type: Problem

Description: DCOM 10009 errors appear in the System Event Log of the RSM servers when WMI Script Mode is enabled.

Additional Keywords: BPM

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As part of each discovery process, the RSM attempts to determine what protocols are installed on each remote managed element.  The test for WMI protocol involves using a script that calls on DCOM to send a request to the remote managed element.  If the machine does not answer the request (all non-windows machines will not answer), DCOM will time out (and generate the 10009 error.)


DCOM 10009 errors in the System Event Log with a description of "DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer using any of the configured protocols".


There is no solution available to this, other than reverting to WMI Native Mode on the PM. The error message can otherwise be ignored.