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  • IBM Servers running ESX do not show any information except network cards.
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  • ESX, IBM

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Monitoring IBM Servers running IBM ESX

KB1025 - Dec 17, 2009


As VMWare ESX has its own cimserver (the service that responds to WBEM queries) running on ports 5988 / 5989, the KM / PM will query this cimserver for hardware information.


Only network information is shown.
The WBEM protocol test in the Debug is successful.


The installation procedure of the IBM agent will generally see that there is already a cimserver running on port 5988 / 5989 and will configure its cimsever to run on ports 15988/15989.
In the KM / PM, configure the WBEM port to 15988 (http) or 15989 (https, encrypted).  The PM will automatically retry all the connectors. 
The KM will require re-initialization.
To verify which port the IBM agent is installed, look in the file cimserver_current.conf, located in the /opt/ibm directory tree. 
There will be two lines that indicate the ports that the IBM agent is using: