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Monitoring Cisco UCS Servers Through Their IMC

KB1058 - Dec 09, 2010

Type: Best Practice

Description: How to monitor Cisco UCS servers through their IMC with Hardware Sentry

Additional Keywords: Cisco, Cisco UCS, IMC, IPMI-over-LAN, out-of-band

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Cisco UCS C-Series servers (rackmount) are equipped with an Integrated Management Controller (or IMC) which is accessible out-of-band with its own IP address on the network.

The Cisco IMC is actually an enhanced Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) following Intel’s IPMI instrumentation standard. The Cisco IMC has a Web interface which lets administrators configure the underlying hardware and visualize its status. It is also supports the IPMI-over-LAN protocol (RCMP+ on port UDP/623).

The Hardware Sentry KM is able to connect to the Cisco IMC directly using the IPMI-over-LAN protocol and access the hardware information of the Cisco UCS C-Series server.

The main benefit of interrogating the Cisco IMC is that it does not depend on the operating system. Even when the main system is turned off or crashed, the Cisco IMC is still able to provide information about the hardware. This is what is called “out-of-band” monitoring, as opposed to “in-band” monitoring when going through the operating system.


  • The Cisco IMC must have been configured to operate on the network and be accessible through the IPMI-over-LAN protocol. Its IP address can be found in the GUI:
  • Clicking the Equipment tab
  • Expand the Equipment tree/Chassis/Chassis xx/Servers, and select the monitored server.
  • On the right pane, click the Inventory tab and then, the CIMC tab and locate the IP address in the Management Interface section:

    A valid account with user privilege is also required on the IMC. It needs to be part of the IPMIDefault IMPI Access profile as shown below:

Remote Monitoring

  1. In the PATROL Console, right-click the hardware icon › KM Commands › Add a Remote System or an External Device,
  2. Accept the End User License Agreement,
  3. Enter the System Name.  Select System or Device Type “Management Card/Chip, Blade Chassis, ESXi”,
  4. Click Next,
  5. Select IPMI Connector,
  6. Click Next,
  7. Enter valid IPMI over LAN Credentials for the IMC card,
  8. Click Next and then Finish.