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Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

KB1163 - Dec 24, 2014

Type: Troubleshooting

Description: How to troubleshoot connectivity issues related to SMI-S Providers and APIs.

Additional Keywords: Connectivity Issues, SMI-S provider, Troubleshooting Tool, API

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The Sentry Software’s solutions rely on a software component such as an SMI-S provider or an API to collect information about servers and storage systems and bring it into the BMC platforms. Because some connectivity issues may exist and cause the Sentry Software’s solutions to fail, it is highly recommended to test the connection to this specific software component before contacting the Sentry Support Team.

You can use the troubleshooting tools provided by Sentry Software.


The connection tools provided by Sentry Software require Java v1.6 or higher to operate properly.

Important: A Java security restriction, introduced in versions higher than 1.6, prevents connections to web servers if the RSA key size is less than 1024 bits. The VCenter RSA key size being 512 bits, the VMWare connection tool will not work with a version higher than 1.6 unless you modify the file stored in  %JAVA_HOME%/jre1.7.0_51/lib/security/ by either commenting the line jdk.certpath.disabledAlgorithms=MD2, RSA keySize < 1024 or changing its value to 512.


To use the Sentry Software’s troubleshooting tools:

  1. Download the troubleshooting tool required from the Troubleshooting Tools page.
  2. Run the command java –jar <Troubleshooting_Tool_Name.jar> to launch the connection tool:
  3. Enter the information required to connect to the system and click Test Connection.
  4. Wait for the test to complete.
  5.  If a connectivity issue is detected, an error message will appear:

    In this case, the issue encountered does not concern the Sentry Software’s solutions. Check your configuration to diagnose the source of the issue.
  6. If the connection test is successful, this message will appear:
  7. Click Save As to export the connection test results into a txt file. You can then send this information to the Sentry Support Team.