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BMC Performance Manager Express for HP 3PAR is an agent-less Performance Manager for the BMC Portal environment which monitors all your HP 3PAR storage assets within a centralized management console. All the information concerning storage systems, controllers, cages, nodes, disks and volumes, etc., are directly displayed in your BMC Framework.

By monitoring all your HP 3PAR storage devices within a centralized management console, you can respond quickly to performance problems, easily determine capacity requirements, effectively plan for network expansions or also keep an eye on the critical hardware components of HP 3PAR.

BMC Performance Manager Express for HP 3PAR discovers and monitors all the software aspects of the storage system (capacity, data traffic, oversubscription, etc.), as well as the hardware aspects of the HP 3PAR storage systems (batteries, interface cards, fans, power supplies, temperatures, voltages, etc.) within the Portal framework through a single solution.

The complete storage monitoring solution architecture is composed of the elements represented in the illustration below:


BMC Performance Manager Express for HP 3PAR – Architecture

Being a Performance Manager specifically designed for BMC Portal, BMC Performance Manager Express for HP 3PAR uses the Portal’s web-based interface and features for installing, managing and monitoring your infrastructure.

NoteFor convenience, the product may be called BPM Express for HP 3PAR within the product documentation and online help.