Integrating with BMC Portal

An integration component for BMC Portal is released along with the Knowledge Module (KM) in the form of a PAR file: SentrySoftware-PM-PATROL-MSHW-solution-version.par. It enables visualization of parameter data of all objects monitored by the KM, in the BMC Portal environment.

Owing to structural changes from version 1.8.00, an automatic migration from previous versions (1.4.xx / 1.5.xx / 1.6.xx / 1.7.xx) of BMC Performance Manager Integration with Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL is not possible. Users of previous versions should remove the Performance Manager (PM) from all elements and completely uninstall the Integration PM (v1.4.xx / v1.5.xx / v1.6.xx / v1.7.xx) before uploading and installing the latest version.

This PAR. file is valid on BMC portal v2.8 upwards.

To integrate Hardware Sentry with BMC Portal:

  1. Download the SentrySoftware-PM-PATROL-MSHW-solution-version.par file from the Sentry Software’s Website.
  2. Install the KM on top of a PATROL Agent as detailed in the Installation Guide. A PATROL Console will be required to configure the KM
  3. In the PATROL Console, make sure the KM properly discovered your hardware and is collecting data
  4. Upload the PAR file in BMC Portal:
    • Place the SentrySoftware-PM-PATROL-MSHW-solution-version.par file in a known location on your file system.
    • Login to BMC Portal with the superadmin credentials.
    • Click on Portal, then under Tasks click Performance Managers.
    • Click Upload and then click Browse to open a file selection dialog box.
    • Select SentrySoftware-PM-PATROL-MSHW-solution-version.par and click Upload.
  5. Create a new managed element:
    • Login to BMC Portal with administrator credentials
    • Click the Configure tab > Elements > Add
    • Select Infrastructure Element and click Next
    • Select an RSM to collect data about the infrastructure element and click Next
    • Enter the name of the machine on which the PATROL agent is running, the Host Name and click Next
    • Select the group to which your PM will belong and click Next
    • Select the PATROL category, the Application Classes to add and click Next
    • Set the Properties and Credentials required for the RSM to access the specified elements and click Next. The list of thresholds is displayed. You can update these settings without impacting the values set in PATROL.
  6. Click Finish.

Thresholds are set in the PATROL console. To get the last configurations made, click the “Refresh PATROL Integration” button available in the “Elements” page.