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Hardware Sentry Connector

PATROL Class: MS_HW_CONNECTOR - Monitor Type: MONITOR - Monitor Category: System
No CDM Class defined.

Monitors a connector currently being used by Hardware Sentry in order to discover and monitor the hardware components of the server.

If a problem occurs with the hardware instrumentation layer, the Status parameter will be set to Degraded or Failed. In such case, hardware components that were discovered and monitored through this connector are no longer monitored. Check the TestReport parameter to have more details about the connector failure.

Attributes (Parameters)

Name PATROL Name Units Default Thresholds Description
Status Status 0 = OK
1 = Degraded
2 = Failed

if = 1 (Degraded)

if = 2 (Failed)

Connector status.

Value set by connectorColl.

Type: Collection Status - Default graph

Test Report TestReport None None

Text describing of the tests that have been performed to evaluate the status of the connector.

Value set by connectorColl.

Type: Text

Infoboxes (PATROL Console Only)

Name Description
PATROL ID PATROL internal identifier for the connector instance.
Connector Display Name Name of the connector as displayed in the console.
Connector ID PATROL ID of the connector.
Connector File Name Name of the connector file. i.e. the full HDF filename.
Connector Version Version number of the connector.
Connector Date Connector build date.
Connector Description Description of the connector, what it does and how.
Menu Command Description
Pause Monitoring Pauses the monitoring of the selected connector.
Resume Monitoring Resumes the monitoring of the selected connector.
Remove Removes the connector from the monitoring environment. This means that the connector will not be used anymore to monitor the hardware.
Refresh Parameters Refreshes all connector parameters.
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