Enabling the Debug Mode

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When you encounter an issue and wish to report it to Sentry Software, you will be asked to enable the Debug Mode and provide the debug output to the Sentry Software support team.

To enable the debug mode

Enabling the debug mode must be performed with a query through the TrueSight built-in Agent Query Tool.

1.In the navigation pane of the TrueSight OM console, click Configuration and select Managed Devices.
2.Click a PATROL Agent TS_Action_Menu menu and select Query PATROL Agent. The Agent Query Tool opens in a new browser window.
3.In the Command box, enter the MS_HW_q; setDebug command and click Execute.


requires MS_HW_q; setDebug(mode, numberOfMinutes, listOfHosts);

This command allows you to enable/disable the debug mode at a specific time for all hosts or for a list of specific hosts. It requires the following arguments:

mode: '1' to turn on the debug mode (or "on"), '0' to turn off the debug mode (or "off"). The debug mode is enabled or disabled on all the hosts associated to the PATROL Agent unless a host name or a list of host is provided.
(Optional) numberOfMinutes: number of minutes the debug mode should be enabled. Default: 60
(Optional) listOfHosts: PATROL ID of a host or a list of comma-separated hosts for which you specifically wish to enable the debug mode.  TrueSight OM - Hardware creates the debugHostList configuration variable that is saved under  /SENTRY/HARDWARE. This configuration variable is automatically deleted when the debug mode is turned off (0).

tipHost IDs can be obtained by running the "requires MS_HW_q; hostsInfo();" query.

importantWhen enabling the debug mode for hosts listed using the listOfHosts argument, the debug mode will be automatically disabled for all unlisted hosts. If you wish to enable the debug mode for all hosts related to an Agent, only set the mode argument to 1 and set the numberOfMinutes (optional).


Enabling the Debug Mode



Execute the following command

Enable the debug mode for all hosts (for 20 minutes)

requires MS_HW_q; setDebug(1, 20);

Enable the debug mode for specific hosts (for 20 minutes)

requires MS_HW_q; setDebug("1, 20, HostID_1, HostID_2, HostID_3");

Disable the debug mode for all the hosts (with immediate effect)

requires MS_HW_q; setDebug(0);

The solution stores debug information in log files. By default debug files are stored in the %PATROL_HOME%\log or $PATROL_HOME/log folder.

4.Click OK to validate.