Getting Started with the Veritas NetBackup KM Web Interface

This chapter explains how to access the Veritas NetBackup KM Web UI via Monitoring Studio and outlines the main functionalities that will help you set up your storage monitoring environment.

Accessing Veritas NetBackup KM Web Interface

Veritas NetBackup KM can be configured and used via the Monitoring Studio Web interface. This interactive Web console also facilitates live interaction with Veritas NetBackup KM nodes and provides a user-friendly environment to manage specific configuration operations.

Once the KMs are properly installed, you can access the Web console to configure your Veritas NetBackup KM monitoring environment.

Version 10.1.00 or higher of Monitoring Studio X is required.

Enter the following URL in your Web browser: https://<patrol-agent>:<patrol-agent-port+262>/

Where: <patrol-agent> is the name of the host on which the PATROL Agent runs

and <patrol-agent-port+262> is the number you obtain when you add 262 to the PATROL Agent port number. This is the port number used by default by Monitoring Studio X.

For example, if your PATROL Agent is named <MyPatrolAgent> and the PATROL Agent Port is 3181, the URL to access the Monitoring Studio X Web interface is: https://MyPatrolAgent:3443/.

To access the Veritas NetBackup KM configuration page, from the Web console, click the KMs menu and select Veritas NetBackup KM.

Veritas NetBackup KM Main Page

The Veritas NetBackup KM page provides all the necessary options to help you configure the NetBackup Nodes and KM Settings including KM Debug properties. The configuration options are also accessible from the treeview of the Web console.

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