Release Notes

This page lists the new features, improvements, changes and bug fixes in each version of Veritas NetBackup KM.

Veritas NetBackup KM for PATROL 3.3.02

1 Changes - Released 2020-09-04

Fixed Issues

ID Description
NBU-984 Resource scripts are missing in the package

Veritas NetBackup KM for PATROL 3.3.01

5 Changes - Released 2020-08-27

Fixed Issues

ID Description
NBU-977 Node IDs with invalid characters are allowed in the KM menu
NBU-976 Web UI for NetBackup KM fails to load
NBU-972 Incorrect drive instances created
NBU-971 Device monitoring failing due to no media server info
NBU-970 Storage/DPool/DVolume Up/Down State set to Unknown

Veritas NetBackup KM for PATROL 3.3.00

13 Changes - Released 2020-03-10

Changes and Improvements

ID Description
NBU-957 Further Improvements to Web UI
NBU-951 Integration with Monitoring Studio X Web UI Configuration
NBU-948 Integration to Monitoring Studio X Console UI
NBU-927 Only NetBackup Commands Now Require SUDO Privileges
NBU-925 Default monitoring period for completed jobs is reduced to offer better performance
NBU-921 The KM automatically reloads all commands used by the KM when a problem occurs while executing the first command

Fixed Issues

ID Description
NBU-960 Optional settings from CMA policy do not revert back to default when cleared
NBU-955 Invalid password is not alerting through NBULoginStatus
NBU-950 Invalid system type when hostname is FQDN
NBU-940 Unable to detect online NetBackup node on Microsoft Cluster
NBU-926 Tuning slow policy collection cycle by setting policyCollectNextBackupInfo
NBU-923 The vminitlists command should not be used anymore
NBU-866 Server errors related to vminitlists commands are found in NBUNodeStatus

Veritas NetBackup KM for PATROL 3.2.00

9 Changes - Released 2018-02-23

Changes and Improvements

ID Description
NBU-809 Add the support of Log filer configuration in TrueSight CMA
NBU-799 Enable Block Monitoring from Remote Node
NBU-798 Support for Veritas NetBackup v8.x
NBU-608 Extend monitoring failover to remote nodes

Fixed Issues

ID Description
NBU-879 Unable To Turn Debug On/Off From CMA
NBU-840 Enabling the Debug mode for Media Servers activates the debug for Servers
NBU-839 False Alarm from NBUMediaServerStatus
NBU-806 Exit Status not Checked on Remote Windows Systems
NBU-791 Log Scan Limit Cannot be Set Through CMA

Veritas NetBackup KM for PATROL 3.1.01

5 Changes - Released 2017-02-14

Changes and Improvements

ID Description
NBU-748 Upgrade to KMF v2.2.02 with Matsya v2.2.00

Fixed Issues

ID Description
NBU-747 SOW Error on AIX PATROL Agent
NBU-729 Create A Separate Device in TS for Remote Hosts Is Not Working
NBU-728 NBU_MAIN & NBU_MEDIASERVER Icons Missing or Not Clear
NBU-720 Upgrading to v10.x of Patrol Agent blocks the KM from functioning properly.

Veritas NetBackup KM for PATROL 3.1.00

5 Changes - Released 2016-08-25

Changes and Improvements

ID Description
NBU-679 Update to KMF v2.2.01
NBU-665 Convert all scripts used in NBU KM to /bin/sh for UNIX platforms
NBU-576 CLONE - Ability to monitor media server status from master

Fixed Issues

ID Description
NBU-685 Remove common project files from BitBucket and add ReadMe.txt
NBU-671 Symantec KM does not take into account "custom schedule calendars"
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