Remote Monitoring Requirements

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Remote monitoring is required for all servers or appliances on which no PATROL Agent can be installed. This feature is also interesting if you lack resources or time to deploy a PATROL Agent and NetWorker KM on several servers since it allows to monitor multiple hosts from one agent.

warningRemote monitoring is not possible from a UNIX/Linux PATROL Agent system to a Windows-based NetWorker server.

The requirements listed below must be met to be able to use remote monitoring.


NetWorker KM requires Java 1.8 or higher and a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be installed on the same system that runs the PATROL Agent.

The KM will automatically detect the JRE path if it has been installed in the default location or under the BMC PATROL Agent installation path. If it has been installed in a different location, you will have to set JAVA_HOME for the Patrol Agent default account before starting the PATROL Agent.

You can download the Java Runtime Environment along with the KM on the Sentry Software website.

SSH/WMI Connection

An SSH (UNIX/Linux platforms) or a WMI (Windows platforms) connection is required  to monitor remote NetWorker servers. When using an SSH connection, the SSH host key authentication must be disabled on the remote host.

Disabling the SSH Host Key Authentication

SSH host key authentication is enabled by default on most NetWorker servers. To disable it:

1.Open the global SSH configuration file (ssh_config) stored in the /etc/ssh/ directory on the remote host

2.Add the line StrictHostKeyChecking no

3.Save the file.