Release Notes for v3.1.00

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Important Information

The BMC patch Patch 1 for BMC PATROL Agent 11.0.00 must be installed to use any version of  EMC NetWorker KM for PATROL. Version 11.0.00i of the PATROL Agent on Windows prevents NetWorker KM from operating properly. While apparently successfully loaded, NetWorker KM fails to start and can neither monitor the local system or the remote systems. An error message is displayed stating that no hardware connectors are loaded and that the product needs to be re-installed.

What's New

NSR-341: The multi-node mode failover supports the new remote monitoring architecture.

Changes and Improvements

NSR-343: The overall performance of NetWorker KM has been significantly improved.

Fixed Issues

NSR-369: The Debug Mode failed to differentiate Server and Storage Node debug options.

NSR-334: The Exit status of each command run by the KM on a remote Windows system is now properly verified and reported.

NSR-416: The Remote Temp Path configured through the Configuration > Paths KM command was not correctly applied on remote UNIX/Linux nodes.