EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v4.1.02

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What's New

Support for EMC SMI-S provider v8.0.3.
The new configuration variable retryDiscoveryAfterNTimes was added to set the maximum number of retries when the discovery fails.

Changes and Improvements

CI_ID and MetaTokenID parameters were added to all the application classes to allow users to populate the BPPM/TSIM Service cell with CIs and relationships.
The RAID Level trace has been improved in log files.
Alert Actions:
Different types of PATROL events can now be triggered.
Event messages have been improved to provide more meaningful information.
The collectionHubHeapSizeMax configuration variable is now set by default to 1024 megabytes.
Reinitiliazing the KM removes all the SEN_EMC_<HOSTNAME>_oldInstances-<PATROLAGENT>-<PORT>.dat files.
Specific PATROL Events triggered upon failures now also specify the alert origin (ApplicationClassName.ObjectID.ParameterName).

Fixed Issues

EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL could not be loaded when using a version of the PATROL Agent lower than v.9.5. This issue is now fixed.
Alert Actions: Macros starting with %{PARENT_...} were not returning the proper result.
Event messages have been improved to provide more meaningful information.
The Host WWN was not properly formatted.
The KM stopped collecting data when the collection status was failed.
The Storage Pool parameter is now collected for all volumes.

Known Issue

Because the computation methods used by the EMC SMI-S provider differ between versions 4 and 8, the following parameters will not return the same value:
AvailableCapacity (SEN_EMC_ARRAY)