Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v10.1.00

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Important Information

The BMC patch Patch 1 for BMC PATROL Agent 11.0.00 must be installed to use any version of Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL. Version 11.0.00i of the PATROL Agent on Windows prevents Hardware Sentry from operating properly. While apparently successfully loaded, Hardware Sentry from fails to start and can neither monitor the local system or the remote systems. An error message is displayed stating that no hardware connectors are loaded and that the product needs to be re-installed.

What's New


A new configuration variable is now available (deactivatePowerConsumptionEstimation) to disable the power consumption estimation when it is not required or to save resources.
A new configuration variable is now available (useExternalAwk) to force the use of the AWK command line in separate processes instead of using the internal (Java-based) AWK library. This method can significantly improve the monitoring performance in large environments.

Changes and Improvements


Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL performance is significantly improved when monitoring a large number of systems.
Hardware Sentry now uses the most recent JRE available and prefers 64-bit versions over 32-bit versions when it is automatically selected.
Improved discovery performance: The discovery process now creates an instance file for each monitored host. This method  significantly optimizes the discovery performance when a large number of systems are monitored. Consequently, you will notice an increase in the number of oldInstances-<host>-<port>.dat. files saved in the %PATROL_HOME%\lib folder.
The Hardware Health Report automatically generated when a PATROL Event occurs, now provides additional information about the system impacted by a hardware failure or a threshold breach (ex: device type and label, serial number, etc.).
The default value of the pemMessages configuration variable is now set to 'nothing'. The Internal KM Issue Notification no longer triggers PATROL Events unless specified otherwise.
Units for Count-Temperature and Count-Voltage parameters are respectively renamed Temperature Sensors and Voltage Sensors (MS_HW_REPORT).

Fixed Issues


The StatusInformation parameter of the MS_HW_LED application class incorrectly translated the status of the LED indicator. A status collected as ‘2’ is now properly reported as “On”.
The ipmi connector did not display the error message generated upon a ipmitool failure in the TestReport of the output command.
When monitoring remote systems through SSH, the SSH client would not properly terminate, even after stopping/restarting PATROL Agent.
When a hostname/IP address cannot be resolved, Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL uses the provided hostname/IP address as MetaFQDN to make sure the device is created in TrueSight.


Hardware Connectors are *.hdf files that describe how to discover hardware components for specific platforms. Connectors also detect failures and performance deterioration that Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL interprets and reports in the PATROL Console.

The Hardware Connector Library lists all the connectors available for Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL, provides a description and valuable information about the platforms and operating systems to which they relate, along with installation procedures. Read the Hardware Connector Library 6 Release Notes to learn more about the latest updates, changes and improvements brought to the connectors for Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL version 10.1.00.

Supported Platforms

See the Supported Platforms and Requirements documentation for further information.