Hitachi Disk Arrays KM for PATROL

Release Notes v1.4.03

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Changes and Improvements

It is now possible to configure specific alert actions to be executed when a problem occurs.
Definitions for the AvailableCapacity and SubscribedCapacity parameters of the SEN_HDS_ARRAY application class have been updated to better reflect the actual calculation method used to report on these parameters.
The capacity of all imported primordial storage pools is now considered for calculating the size of the array (SEN_HDS_ARRAY).
The System Output Window (SOW) messages generated by Hitachi Disk Arrays KM are now saved in the SEN_HDS_debug_km_*.log debug file when the debug mode is activated.
The time taken by Hitachi Disk Arrays KM to report on the size of a disk array has been significantly reduced.
In order to optimize the monitoring on large environment, users can now customize the discovery and the collect processes timeouts by using two new configuration variables: discoveryOperationTimeout and collectOperationTimeout. See the Configuration Variables section for detailed information.

Fixed Issues

An erroneous calculation method led Hitachi Disk Arrays KM to report wrong values for the OperationRate parameters for Disk Arrays and Volumes.
An error could sometimes occur when the Status of a Disk Array is unavailable.
The value reported for the OperationRate parameter of FC Ports was inaccurate due to a time's conversion error.
Reinitializing the KM removes all the SEN_HDS_<HOSTNAME>_oldInstances-<PATROLAGENT>-<PORT>.dat files.
Before each re-initialization of the KM, Hitachi Disk Arrays KM for PATROL backs-up the latest PATROL Agent configuration and save the data in a timestamped configuration file. The number of configuration backup files can rapidly use a large amount of space on a server. To avoid this situation, Hitachi Disk Arrays KM for PATROL will now only save the latest configuration backup under the %PATROL_HOME%\config directory.
The metrics did not expose the actual value for HP P9500 disk arrays.
Hitachi Disk Arrays KM for PATROL could not be loaded when using a version of the PATROL Agent lower than v.9.5. This issue is now fixed.
When the monitoring of volumes is disabled, the ConsumedCapacity and ConsumedCapacityPercentage parameters are now still collected at the Storage Pools level.
Hitachi Disk Arrays KM failed to collect data when the Hitachi Device Manager refresh frequency was set to Every Hour or Once a Day.