IBM DS6000, DS8000 Series KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v1.3.00

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warningThe various enhancements and metrics monitoring improvements included in version 1.3.00 of the KM have made upgrading from an older version of IBM DS6000, DS8000 Series KM for PATROL to version 1.3.00 impossible.

What's New

Disable Volumes Monitoring: This new feature allows administrators to disable the monitoring of all the volumes of a system in order to limit the number of instances created and therefore reduce the system resource consumption.

The KM now supports unlimited debug file size. In previous versions, the debug file size was limited to 500 MB.

New Application Classes: IBM DS6000, DS8000 Series KM for PATROL now monitors physical disks (SEN_I68_PHYSICALDISK and SEN_I68_PHYSICALDISK_CONT) as well as logical partitions (SEN_I68_LPAR and SEN_I68_LPAR_CONT)

New parameters: the table lists the various parameters that have been added to better cover the monitoring of the various aspect of your IBM environment.

Application Classes



Status, Status Information.


Present, Role, Status, Status Information, Transfer Byte Rate.


Present, Status, Status Information.


Present, Status, Status Information, Size, Speed, Serial Number, Model.


Status, Status Information, Transfer Byte Rate, Operation Rate.


Collection Status, Collection Status Information.


FQDN, Port Count, Transfer Byte Rate.


Size, Host Groups, Paths, Transfer Byte Rate, Operation Rate, Response Time, Hosts.


Changes and Improvements

KM Reinitialization: A backup of the PATROL Agent configuration is now performed and saved in the $PATROL_HOME/config directory before a reinitialization of the KM.

Updated parameters: the table lists the parameters for which the name has been simplified:

Application Classes



Former names

Actual names


Volume Read Byte Rate, Volume Write Byte Rate, Volume Read Cache Hit Ratio, Volume Read Operation Rate, Volume Write Operation Rate, Volume Read Response Time, Volume Time Utilization, Volume Write Response Time.

Read Byte Rate, Write Byte Rate, Read Cache Hit Ratio, Read Operation Rate, Write Operation Rate, Read Response Time, Time Utilization, Write Response Time.


Total Read Operation Rate, Total Write Operation Rate, Total Operation Rate, Total Received Byte Rate, Total Sent Byte Rate.

Read Operation Rate, Write Operation Rate, Operation Rate, Received Byte Rate, Sent Byte Rate.


The list of Configuration variables has been updated to better reflect the available advanced configuration options.

Fixed Issues

The volumes discovery process outlasted its anticipated duration causing the collection process to stop.