Release Notes v1.1.01

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What's New

IBM SVC KM for PATROL now fully supports the monitoring of IBM Storwize V7000 systems.

Disable Volumes Monitoring: This new feature allows administrators to disable the monitoring of all the volumes of a system in order to limit the number of instances created and therefore reduce the system resource consumption.

Connection Settings: A new option is now available to establish a connection to a system using a username/password.

Pools Monitoring:

an activity report is now available for pools. This report is available from the SEN_SVC_MAIN, SEN_SVC_SVC, SEN_SVC_POOL_CONT, and SEN_SVC_POOL application classes.

ReadByteRate and WriteByteRate parameters were added to the SEN_SVC_POOL application classes.

Changes and Enhancements

Managed Disks Monitoring: Managed disks of type 'Array' (internal disks) are now fully monitored. This information is available in the MDisks infobox.

KM Reinitialization: A backup of the PATROL Agent configuration is now performed and saved in the $PATROL_HOME/config directory before a reinitialization of the KM.

Documentation: The Integrating with BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management procedure has been updated and improved.