Release Notes v1.2.00

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What's New

The KM now supports:
4-node cluster monitoring.
Unlimited debug file size. In previous versions, the debug file size was limited to 500 MB.
The PortCount parameter has been added to the SEN_SVC_SVC application class to report on the number of FC and Ethernet ports on the storage system.
The AvailablePathCount parameter of the SEN_SVC_MDISK application class now also considers the nodes that have access to the internal managed disks of IBM Storwize V7000 systems.

Fixed Issues

The username used to connect to the IBM SVC system was always reset to "superuser".
The modifications made to the polling interval were not taken into account.
When the polling interval was changed to less than 15 minutes, the server could get saturated which prevented the KM from collecting the statistics type of parameters as frequently as excepted. Now in such a case, the KM will follow the IBM's recommendations by collecting the statistics parameters every 15 minutes to avoid server saturation.