Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v8.6.53

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This section describes changes and updates that have occurred since the release 8.6.52 of Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL.

What's New

Full support for BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management (BPPM 8.5): Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL now fully and natively integrates with the latest iteration of BMC's monitoring framework. It includes the required metadata that describe the classes and parameters for accurate interpretation, correlation and trending in ProactiveNet.

Changes and Improvements

Window Service Monitoring: It is now possible to manually enter the name of a service to monitor allowing the possibility to configure a Service monitoring even if the service is not currently installed on the server (for deployed configurations).
Process Monitoring: The KM commands now retrieves the entire process command-line and is no longer limited to the first 2048 characters.

Fixed Issues

Monitoring Studio would show invalid service display names in the New Windows Service Wizard on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 servers.
The ASCII filter used by Monitoring Studio did not take Asian characters into account preventing PATROL IDs to be properly displayed.
Dynamic Numbers or Dynamics Strings: A problem occurred when two or more dynamic containers with dynamic string/number templates were configured. Every time a dynamic discovery was performed, the dynamic string/number instances were updated. Instead of simply destroying all missing instances related to one dynamic container, the running discovery also destroyed any instances that were not related to the current container running the discovery thus resulting in dynamic string/number instances clipping.
The product could not perform SQL queries to an Oracle database on Windows anymore (invalid username/password message)
The new Java polling method introduced in v.8.6.50 for optimization purposes was not compatible with special characters.
Monitoring Studio would show the Exit Status in the ReturnOuput parameter of the OS if the command output was empty.

Known Issue

Oracle Database: Space characters are not supported for passwords in Windows, thus, when working with this operation system, you must enter a space-free password to access an Oracle Database.