NetApp Filers KM for PATROL

Release Notes v3.2.01

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What's New

Support for Data ONTAP API v8.3.x.
The new configuration variable retryDiscoveryAfterNTimes was added to set the maximum number of retries when the discovery fails.

Changes and Improvements

To provide better hardware detection in multiple-channel scenario, hardware instance names and IDs have been modified for power supplies, fans, voltages, and temperatures.
Alert Actions:
Different types of PATROL events can now be triggered.
Event messages have been improved to provide more meaningful information.
Specific PATROL Events triggered upon failures now also specify the alert origin (ApplicationClassName.ObjectID.ParameterName).
The collectionHubHeapSizeMax configuration variable is now set by default to 1024 megabytes.
Reinitializing the KM removes all the SEN_NAP_<HOSTNAME>_oldInstances-<PATROLAGENT>-<PORT>.dat files.
The Ethernet port type is now available through the Infobox.

Fixed Issues

The KM stopped collecting data when the collection status was failed.
Negative values were sometimes reported for parameters of the SEN_NAP_C_ETHERNET_PORT application class.
In cluster mode, the KM failed to retrieve the SnapMirror status.
Warnings are no longer triggered  for zeroed disks.
An exception could occur:
when discovering disks in cluster mode.
when discovering volumes in cluster mode.
when discovering qtree.
when discovering quota in 7-mode.
when collecting disk information in 7-mode, which caused the collect to fail.
when the value for an aggregate was null.

Known Issues

Since the license-list-info API is no longer supported in Data ONTAP 8.2, inactive licenses cannot be determined in 7-mode.
Java 1.8 uses TSL instead of SSLv3 which prevents NetApp Filers KM for PATROL from connecting to Data ONTAP.  For more information, please refer to the NetApp documentation.