Veritas NetBackup KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v3.0.00

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What's New

NBU-565 - The product Symantec NetBackup KM for PATROL was renamed Veritas NetBackup KM for PATROL.
NBU-588 - Veritas NetBackup KM for PATROL supports Veritas NetBackup v7.7.
NBU-23 , NBU-216, NBU-607 - With the introduction of remote monitoring:
All NetBackup servers and appliances are supported
Media servers can be monitored from the master server
Monitoring can be blocked from the remote node.

Changes and Improvements

NBU-581 - Performance has been improved to support multiple remote nodes.
NBU-623 - The KM Status report file is now saved in the KM Temp directory.
The CollectorExecTime type of parameters are now activated by default.

Fixed Issues

NBU-564 - Child jobs were not created under the parent job when their policy client was different. To solve this issue, the parent job is now identified through its ID, type, and policy.
NBU-601 -  The KM setup failed when the media server log path was not found.