Blackout KM for PATROL v1.2.00
What's New
Installation Guide
Targeted Computers
Getting the Packages
Getting the BMC Software Installation Utility
Extracting the Setup Files
Installing Blackout KM for PATROL
Loading Blackout KM for PATROL
Making Sure Blackout KM for PATROL is Running
Un-installing Blackout KM for PATROL
License Key
Using Blackout KM for PATROL
Blackout Representation in the PATROL Console
Planning a Blackout
Selecting the PATROL Objects to Blackout
Selecting a List of Existing Objects
Selecting a Whole KM
Manually Entering a list of Instances or KMs to Blackout
Planning the Start of a Blackout
Start: now
Start: on a given date
Start: daily at a given time
Start: weekly at a given time
Start: monthly on a given day and time
Start: upon manual start (from the Console)
Start: upon presence/absence of a file
Start: upon start/stop of a process
Start: upon start/stop of an NT service
Planning the End of a Blackout
End of a Blackout at a Given Time
End of a Blackout When an Event Occurs or at a Specified Time
Blackout Types
Configuring a Default Blackout Type
Total Blackout
No State
No Collect
No Thresholds
No Parameter
Naming a Blackout
Modifying a Blackout
Removing a Blackout
Day-to-day Tasks
Checking a Blackout State
Alerts Triggered by a Blackout
Acknowledging a Blackout Alert
Temporarily Suspend a Blackout Schedule
Manually Start or Stop a Blackout
Displaying Information Relating to a Blackout
Exporting a Blackout Configuration to a File
Enabling the Debug Mode
Regular Expressions
Backup, Log and Temporary Folders
Configuration Variables

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