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Sentry Software is releasing versionĀ 1.2.00 of the BlackoutĀ® Knowledge Module for PATROLĀ® product. This section provide information about the enhancements and resolved problems in this release. The information in this document supplements and supersedes information in the Blackout KM product manuals.

New Features

New/Edit Blackout wizard > Blackout Types: No State: prevents status changes in the blacked-out classes and instances.
[Blackout Name] >KM > Export this Blackout: to export the configuration of the selected blackout.

New Menu Commands

Default Blackout Types: to enable the user to preselect a default settings for each new blackout.
Start/Stop All Blackouts : to start/stop all configured blackouts all at once
Pause/Resume All Blackouts : to pause/resume all configured blackouts all at once.

What Changed

Starting version 1.2.00, there is no need for license key to activate the product.

Corrected Problems

The online help on UNIX consoles is now properly displayed.