Enabling Statistics

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On Hitachi storage systems, the statistics need to be enabled to allow TrueSight Operations Management - Hitachi Storage to monitor performance.

Using Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular

1.Log on to the Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular console with the administrator’s account.
2.In the left pane menu, expand Resource. Click Arrays.
3.Select the array from the Array Name list. The interface corresponding to the selected disk array opens.

Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular_step1

Selecting the array from the Array Name list

4.In the tree view related to your disk array, click Performance > Monitoring.

Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular_step2

Enabling Statistics - Monitoring

5.Click the Change Measurement Items button to display the Performance Measurement Items Property.

Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular_step3

Enabling Statistics - Changing measurement items

6.Check each item check-boxes and click OK to finish.