Using Pure Storage KM for PATROL

Once Pure Storage KM for PATROL has been successfully installed and configured, you can:

  • View the Pure Storage device in TrueSight
  • View the events triggered
  • Create dashboards.

Viewing the Pure Storage Device in TrueSight

The Pure Storage system will appear as a separate device in the TrueSight Devices view.

  1. Log on to the TrueSight console
  2. In the navigation pane, expand Monitoring and select Devices

    TrueSight Navigation Pane

  3. Customize the Device Filter to display all your Devices

    • Click the action button inline next to the Devices title and click Customize Filter

    Customizing the Device Filter

    • Select All Devices and click Apply

    Customizing the Device Filter

  4. Click the Pure Storage device. In our example, pure-san

    Viewing the Pure Storage Device in TrueSight

  5. Expand the Pure Storage Monitor to display all its instances.

    Displaying the Pure Storage Instances

  6. Double-click the attribute of your choice to display the graph.

Viewing the Events Triggered

Events are generated by the PATROL Agent (Events of class 11 or 9) and by the Sentry Software’s KMs (STD_41 or specific PATROL events) each time a threshold is breached. By default, the events generated by the KM may not be sent to the cell. Please refer to this KB article Enriching PATROL Events with More Meaningful Information for more details.

To display all the events that are associated with the Pure Storage device:

  1. View the Pure Storage Device in TrueSight

    Viewing the Pure Storage Device in TrueSight

  2. Click the Events tab.

    Viewing the Pure Storage Device Events in TrueSight

Creating Dashboards

BMC TrueSight Operations Management provides dashboards to create consolidated and customized views of your monitored IT environment. Dashboards are built from dashlet templates. Once you have selected the dashlet that corresponds to the type of view you wish to create, you can access a specific type of data and present it graphically.

Pure Storage KM for PATROL monitors the availability, capacity, and performance for Pure Storage systems. This data is available through different dashlets to allow you to create a clear view of the performance and status of your storage environment within a private or shared dashboard.

Read Byte Rate and Write Byte Rate for the Selected Pure Storage Physical Disks

In this documentation, you will learn how to create dashboards to:

storage pure km patrol