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Storage Analyzer

PATROL Class: SKM_MAIN - Monitor Type: MONITOR - Monitor Category: System
CDM Class: BMC_ComputerSystem -- Instances of this monitor will be represented as devices in TrueSight Operations Management

Monitors Storage Systems Performance Metrics.

Attributes (Parameters)

Name PATROL Name Units Default Thresholds Description
Collection Error Count CollectionErrorCount errors

if ≥ 1 errors

Number of errors that prevent the KM from operating properly. This parameter is cumulative, new errors increase the value of the parameter.

The Collection Error Count value will be reset after a given time if no new errors are found.

The default timeout is 135 minutes but can be configured with the following variable: /SENTRY/STORAGE/collectionErrorCountAutoAcknowledgeTime

Type: Collection Status - Spikes expected - Default graph

License Count LicenseCount licenses None

Overall KM license usage on this PATROL Agent.

Type: Spikes expected

Infoboxes (PATROL Console Only)

No Infoboxes.
Menu Command Description
Add a Connection to an Endpoint... Enables you to create a new connection to an Endpoint
Acknowledge ErrorCount Alert and Reset Acknowledges the alert, and resets the CollectionErrorCount parameter to zero.
KM Settings > Java Settings... Enables you to define which Java instance is to be used by the KM.
KM Settings > Alert Messages... Enables you to select the alert messages (different methods of notification) to be executed by the KM when a parameter breaches its threshold.
KM Settings > Debug... Activates or deactivates the debug mode. The debug Mode displays debug messages in the PATROL System Output Window or saves it in a file if you enter the file path.
Trigger a KM Discovery Enables you to trigger a forced discovery and rediscover the devices of the monitored system.
Pause All Pauses the monitoring of all currently monitored objects.
Resume All Resumes the monitoring of all objects after they have been paused.
Reinitialize KM... Triggers a complete re-initialization of the KM. Customized settings are lost unless specified otherwise in the Reinitialize wizard.
About... States basic product information and BMC Software support contact information.
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