Getting Started

This document provides general information about Storage Analyzer capabilities, usage and functionalities.

The user documentation specific to the Storage Intelligence Library is available from the Sentry Software Website.

Storage Analyzer KM for PATROL is a Knowledge Module (KM) for PATROL that natively runs on the BMC PATROL Agent designed to monitor various storage platforms into one single console. Additionally, Storage Analyzer can be configured and used via the Monitoring Studio Web interface. Refer to the Configuring Storage Analyzer section for details.


Storage Analyzer monitors the storage systems of several manufacturers and gathers critical performance and capacity metrics into the following supported consoles:

  • TrueSight Operations Management (in TrueSight Presentation Server)
  • TrueSight Central Monitoring Administration (CMA)
  • TrueSight Infrastructure Management
  • Monitoring Studio X

Technically, Storage Analyzer is composed of:

  • A KM for PATROL

    • Compatible with Linux/UNIX and Windows
    • Deployable and configurable through TrueSight CMA
    • Configurable through Monitoring Studio X Web UI
    • Exposes a REST API for the PATROL Agent with Monitoring Studio X
    • Includes the latest Storage Intelligence Adapters Library
      • Storage Intelligence Adapters (.si files) providing support for various storage platforms
      • Installable and upgradable separately
      • More information…
  • A Component for TrueSight Presentation Server

    • Enables configuration of Storage Analyzer in TrueSight Presentation Server through Monitoring Studio X

Monitored components and parameters are listed in the Monitors and Attributes Reference.

Storage Analyzer Architecture

Storage Analyzer Architecture Diagram

storage km patrol