Monitors and Attributes Reference

This page lists the application classes of Storage Analyzer KM for PATROL 1.2.00. Each page provides you with the details on the various monitors (classes) and their attributes (parameters), Infoboxes, and Menu Commands.

You can also download the full list of parameters of Storage Analyzer KM for PATROL 1.2.00 as a CSV file, with the same format as BMC's Parameters Reference Database (login required).
Download: SKM_prd.csv

Monitor Name PATROL Class Description
Storage Controller SKM_CONTROLLER Monitors a specific controller.
Storage Controllers SKM_CONTROLLER_CONT Groups all Controllers.
Storage Endpoint SKM_ENDPOINT Monitors an Endpoint
Storage Analyzer SKM_MAIN Monitors Storage Systems Performance Metrics.
Storage Physical Disk SKM_PHYSICALDISK Monitors a specific physical disk.
Storage Physical Disks SKM_PHYSICALDISK_CONT Groups all physical disks.
Storage Port SKM_PORT Monitors the Port of the controller on the storage system.
Storage Ports SKM_PORT_CONT Groups all Ports.
Storage Pool SKM_STORAGEPOOL Monitors a specific storage pool.
Storage Pools SKM_STORAGEPOOL_CONT Groups all storage pools.
Storage System SKM_SYSTEM Monitors a storage system
Storage Volume SKM_VOLUME Monitors a specific storage volume.
Storage Volumes SKM_VOLUME_CONT Groups all storage volumes.
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