Monitors and Attributes Reference

This page lists the application classes of IBM SVC-Storwize KM for PATROL 2.1.00. Each page provides you with the details on the various monitors (classes) and their attributes (parameters), Infoboxes, and Menu Commands.

You can also download the full list of parameters of IBM SVC-Storwize KM for PATROL 2.1.00 as a CSV file, with the same format as BMC's Parameters Reference Database (login required).
Download: SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_prd.csv

Monitor Name PATROL Class Description
IBM SVC-Storwize Array Disk SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_ARRAYDISK Monitors a specific IBM SVC-Storwize array disk.
IBM SVC-Storwize Array Disks SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_ARRAYDISK_CONT Groups all IBM SVC-Storwize array disks.
IBM SVC-Storwize External Storage System SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_EXTERNALSTORAGESYSTEM Monitors a specific external storage system.
IBM SVC-Storwize External Storage System SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_EXTERNALSTORAGESYSTEM_CONT Groups all external storage systems.
IBM SVC-Storwize Fiber Port SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_FCPORT Monitors a specific FC port.
IBM SVC-Storwize Fiber Ports SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_FCPORT_CONT Groups all FC ports.
IBM SVC-Storwize iSCSI Port SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_ISCSIPORT Monitors a specific iSCSI port.
IBM SVC-Storwize KM SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_MAIN Monitors the hardware health and performance of IBM SVC-Storwize storage systems.
IBM SVC-Storwize Managed Disk SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_MDISK Monitors a specific managed disk.
IBM SVC-Storwize Managed Disks SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_MDISK_CONT Groups all managed disks.
IBM SVC-Storwize Node SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_NODE Monitors a specific controller node.
IBM SVC-Storwize Nodes SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_NODE_CONT Groups all controller nodes.
IBM SVC-Storwize Physical Disk SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_PHYSICALDISK Monitors a specific physical disk.
IBM SVC-Storwize Physical Disks SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_PHYSICALDISK_CONT Groups all physical disks.
IBM SVC-Storwize Storage Manager SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_SMISPROVIDER Monitors a specific IBM SVC-Storwize Storage Manager.
IBM SVC-Storwize Storage Managers SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_SMISPROVIDER_CONT Groups all IBM SVC-Storwize Storage Managers.
IBM SVC-Storwize Storage Pool SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_STORAGEPOOL Monitors a specific storage pool.
IBM SVC-Storwize Storage Pools SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_STORAGEPOOL_CONT Groups all storage pools.
IBM SVC-Storwize Storage System SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_STORAGESYSTEM Monitors a specific IBM SVC-Storwize storage system.
IBM SVC-Storwize Volume SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_VOLUME Monitors a specific volume.
IBM SVC-Storwize Volumes SEN_SVCSTORWIZE_VOLUME_CONT Groups all volumes.