Release Notes for v2.0.00

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Important: TrueSight Operations Management - IBM SVC-Storwize Storage 2.0.00 has been completely reviewed. This WBEM-based version provides more capabilities and valuable information about the health and performance of your IBM SVC-Storwize environment. Version 2.0.00 can be installed to replace older versions of the KM. In this case, all previous data collected with older versions will be lost. Note that TrueSight OM - IBM SVC-Storwize Storage 2.0.00 can coexists independently with older versions of the KM.

Changes and Improvements

The way TrueSight OM - IBM SVC-Storwize Storage determines whether the PATROL Agent is configured via CMA or Classic Mode has been improved.

In order to optimize the monitoring on large environment, users can now customize the discovery and the collect timeouts directly from the user interface. See the Configuring Monitor Settings section for detailed information.

Fixed Issues

The debug file now stores additional critical information, warning and error messages when the debug mode is activated.

The password algorithm encryption is now handled by the PATROL Agent.