Release Notes

This page lists the new features, improvements, changes and bug fixes in each version of EMC XtremIO KM.

EMC XtremIO KM for PATROL 1.2.00

1 Changes - Released 2018-03-06

Fixed Issues

ID Description
SENXTRM-414 Bricks and subclasses are not discovered in multi-cluster mode

EMC XtremIO KM for PATROL 1.1.00

10 Changes - Released 2018-01-25

What's New

ID Description
SENXTRM-380 Reinitialize option: remove java settings does not remove jvm option
SENXTRM-328 Add support for Java 9
SENXTRM-305 Present parameter reads OK when a component is missing
SENXTRM-304 Add the possibility to reinitialize the KM via pconfig
SENXTRM-296 MetaEntityType added to SEN_XTRM_CLUSTER

Changes and Improvements

ID Description
SENXTRM-382 Add the possibility to remove a hardware component if not detected anymore
SENXTRM-277 Add support for multiple cluster configurations
SENXTRM-111 New parameter Ancestor added to SEN_XTRM_VOLUME to identify a snapshot volume
SENXTRM-100 InfiniBand ports now discovered/collected

Fixed Issues

ID Description
SENXTRM-74 PSL Function error message appears in the SOW