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Studio Host

PATROL Class: X_HOST - Monitor Type: MONITOR - Monitor Category: Application
CDM Class: BMC_ComputerSystem -- Instances of this monitor will be represented as devices in TrueSight Operations Management

This Monitor allows users to define a host to be monitored. Credentials and Monitors are managed from the Host objects.

Attributes (Parameters)

Name PATROL Name Units Default Thresholds Description
Status Status 0 = OK
2 = Unreachable

if = 2 (Unreachable)

Status of the Host availability.

Value set by the availabilityCheckColl.

Type: Availability - Spikes expected - Default graph

Infoboxes (PATROL Console Only)

Name Description
ID PATROL internal identifier of the Host: <templateID>@<hostname>.
Parent ID PATROL internal identifier of the parent instance.
Hostname Hostname or IP address of the Host.
Description Description of the Host.
BMC TrueSight Device FQDN and Token ID of the Host (separated by '/').
Credentials Lists the type of credentials provided.
Signature File 1 First signature file.
Signature File 2 Second signature file.
Signature File 3 Third signature file.
Signature File 4 Fourth signature file.
Menu Command Description
Refresh Parameters Refreshes all instance parameters of the X_HOST application class.