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Monitoring Studio X

PATROL Class: X_MAIN - Monitor Type: MONITOR - Monitor Category: Application
No CDM Class defined.

This is the main application class which creates the main Monitoring Studio instance. By default, all monitoring instances (Hosts, Templates and Monitors) are grouped under this object.

Attributes (Parameters)

Name PATROL Name Units Default Thresholds Description
Collection Error Count CollectionErrorCount errors

if ≥ 1 errors

Number of errors that prevent Monitoring Studio from operating properly. This parameter is cumulative, new errors increase the value of the parameter.

The Collection Error Count value will be reset after a given time if no new errors are found. The default timeout is 135 minutes but can be configured with the following variable:


Value set by discoveryColl.

Type: Collection Status - Spikes expected - Default graph

Debug Status DebugStatus 0 = Off
1 = On

Indicates whether the debug mode is enabled or not.

Value set by studioColl.

Type: Configuration - Spikes expected

Discovery Status DiscoveryStatus 0 = Not Running
1 = Running

Indicates if the global discovery is currently running.

Value set by discoveryColl.

Type: Statistics - Spikes expected

Discovery Time DiscoveryTime seconds None

Time taken to execute the global discovery.

Value set by discoveryColl.

Type: Statistics - Spikes expected

Host Count HostCount Hosts None

Total number of Hosts managed by Monitoring Studio.

Note: Identical hosts are counted as if they were unique.

Value set by studioColl.

Type: Statistics - Spikes expected

Monitor Count MonitorCount Monitors None

Total number of Monitors managed by Monitoring Studio.

Value set by studioColl.

Type: Statistics - Spikes expected - Default graph

Infoboxes (PATROL Console Only)

Name Description
Product Name of the product.
Version Current version of the product.
Release Date Release date of the current version of the product.
Copyright Copyright information.
Website Website address.
Support Support contact information.
Menu Command Description
Trigger a KM Discovery Forces a full KM discovery.
Refresh Parameters Refreshes all instance parameters of the X_MAIN application class.
Java Settings... Changes the path of the JRE used by Monitoring Studio. By default, it is automatically discovered.
Debug... Enables or disables the KM debug options.
About... Diaplays the version, build number, and other general information about Monitoring Studio.