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Studio Number Extract

PATROL Class: X_NUMBER - Monitor Type: MONITOR - Monitor Category: Application
No CDM Class defined.

This object extracts numeric values from the underlying Monitor (File, Command Line, etc.).

How and where to extract the numeric values can be configured in detail.

Some additional operations can be performed on the numeric values before reporting on the Value parameter (conversion, delta, etc.).

Attributes (Parameters)

Name PATROL Name Units Default Thresholds Description
Present Present 0 = Missing
1 = Present


Type: Availability - Default graph

Value Value None None

Value returned by the Numeric Value extraction (no value will be reported if no number is found).

Value set by the collector of the parent’s object.

Type: Statistics - Default graph

Infoboxes (PATROL Console Only)

Name Description
ID PATROL internal identifier of the Numeric Value extraction instance.
Parent ID PATROL internal identifier of the parent object.
Parent Type Type of the parent of the Numeric Value Extraction instance (File, Command Line, etc.).
Line Mode Method used to select lines to search for the numeric value.
Column Mode Method chosen to search and extract the numeric value in the line.
Parameter Type Type of the parameter.
Line Numbers Line numbers from which the numeric value will be extracted.
Regular Expression Regular expression used to select the lines where the numeric value will be searched.
Skip Blank Lines Indicates whether or not blank lines are skipped when searching for the numeric value.
After/Before Searches for the numeric value either after or before the specified string.
Specified String Searches for the numeric value before or after this specified string.
Character Offset Character offset in which the numeric value is searched.
Field Number Number of the field in which the numeric value will be searched.
Field Separators Characters that separate the fields in a text line.
Unique Separator Considers consecutive separators as a unique separator.
No Menu Commands.