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Studio Windows Service

PATROL Class: X_WINSERVICE - Monitor Type: MONITOR - Monitor Category: Application
No CDM Class defined.

This Monitor searches and monitors the status of the specified Windows Service.

Available for Windows hosts only.

Attributes (Parameters)

Name PATROL Name Units Default Thresholds Description
Service Details ServiceDetails None None

Details about the Windows Service.

Type: Text

Status Status 0 = OK
1 = Suspicious
2 = Failed

if = 1 (Suspicious)

if = 2 (Failed)

Status of the Windows Service.

Value set by winServiceColl.

Type: Availability - Default graph

Infoboxes (PATROL Console Only)

Name Description
ID PATROL internal identifier of the Windows Service instance.
Parent ID PATROL internal identifier of the parent object.
Service Name Name of the monitored Windows Service.
Startup Mode Indicates the startup mode of the Windows Service.
Path Fully qualified path to the service binary file that implements the Windows Service.
Menu Command Description
Refresh Parameters Refreshes all instance parameters of the X_WINSERVICE application class.