What’s New

Monitoring Studio X is the newest generation of our well-known monitoring solution. This fully redesigned version has been developed with the most popular front-end and back-end technologies (SPA, AngularJS, BootStrap, REST API, etc.). The full-fledged REST API introduced in this version allows you to query and control the PATROL Agent (get monitored instances and parameters, list events, modify the configuration, etc.). Interactions with the PATROL Agent and Monitoring Studio X are now entirely handled through the web-based interface making configuring, managing and troubleshooting operations intuitive and reliable.

While Monitoring Studio X still offers all the powerful monitoring capabilities of former versions, the Web-based user interface facilitates live interactions with the PATROL Agent and comes with several menus and pages, each dedicated to specific configuration and management operations:

  • The Console page displays all the objects discovered by one PATROL Agent and their current status. Additional information is also available when selecting a specific instance or component.

    Monitoring Studio X Console

  • The Events page, provides details about all the events generated by a PATROL Agent (event severity, occurrence date and time, status, related host, and problem description). You can easily filter events by type or status or retrieve a specific event with the Search option. Selecting an event opens the Event Details page, where you can add comments, acknowledge, close or delete an event.

    Monitoring Studio X Events Page

  • The Agent menu provides a direct access to the management of the PATROL Agent settings and the configuration of the Java and HTTP Servers properties.

    Monitoring Studio X Agent Information Page

  • The Studio page is dedicated to configuring the monitoring settings for any technology in your environment. Based on a logical hierarchy, each element is configured independently and attached to one another to build a modular set of properties and actions that can be arranged and reused to respond to your monitoring needs.

    Monitoring Studio X Studio Page

    The higher level of hierarchy consists in the Hosts that provide information about the local or remote target server where the technology that needs to be monitored is installed. Templates correspond to the technology you wish to monitor. They can be attached to one or several hosts. Templates contain a set of Monitors configured to collect health and performance metrics from the targeted technology or application. A new Dry Run feature allows you to challenge your monitoring settings before implementing them to make sure you get the expected output or adjust the configuration if a problem is detected.

  • The Tools menu regroups all the necessary features to facilitate backups, troubleshooting, and advanced configuration operations.

    Monitoring Studio X Tools: Debug page

Important Notice

BMC Patches

The BMC patch Patch 1 for BMC PATROL Agent 11.0.00 must be installed on PATROL Agent v11.0.00i to use any version of Monitoring Studio X KM for PATROL. Version 11.0.00i of the PATROL Agent on Windows prevents Monitoring Studio X KM for PATROL from operating properly. While apparently successfully loaded, Monitoring Studio X KM for PATROL fails to start and cannot monitor applications.

Monitoring Studio v8.x, v9.x and Monitoring Studio X

Monitoring Studio v8.x, v9.x and Monitoring Studio X can run side by side without interfering with each other since their respective configuration and operating files are totally distinct. Note that installing Monitoring Studio X will not upgrade or uninstall versions 8.x or 9.x.

Configurations created with Monitoring Studio v8.x or v9.x are not compatible with Monitoring Studio X.

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