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BMC TrueSight Operations Management - Veritas Cluster Server Monitoring provides current and historical information through a centralized console so you can easily view and manage your entire Veritas Cluster Server environment. The product collects and brings critical performance data and useful metrics into the BMC TrueSight Operations Management environment  and enables Veritas Administrators and affected business units to be warned whenever a problem occurs in their Veritas Cluster Server environment.

Veritas Cluster Server KM monitors the following components:

Systems: each cluster node health, including the critical processes and system status.
Heartbeats: monitors the heartbeats between nodes and global clusters.
LLT & GAB: monitors both LLT and GAB protocol health and memberships.
Resources & Service Groups: monitors the status of resources and their member system status.
Logs: checks for any error in VCS logs and system logs regularly.
Agents: monitors the status of VCS agents for successful failover.
Automatic KM Failover: in the event of a VCS failover, the KM continues the monitoring through the new active node.


BMC TrueSight Operations Management - Veritas Cluster Server Monitoring:

Enhances productivity.
Ensures VCS core components are available at all times.
Provides end-to-end monitoring for Veritas clusters by integrating with clustered application monitoring.