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This solution requires BMC TrueSight Operations Management. If you are not a BMC User, please contact BMC Software first.

Blackout KM



Blackout KM for BMC PATROL helps dramatically reduce the number of triggered alerts by allowing administrators to make PATROL enter into maintenance mode during backups, upgrades, and other maintenance operations. The Blackout KM prevents PATROL from raising alerts that are directly or indirectly caused by such maintenance operations (stopped processes, high disk usage, etc.).

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This product requires BMC TrueSight Operations Management

Blackout KM 1.2.00


Note: Both Windows and UNIX packages contain the setup files for all BMC Software PATROL components (PATROL Agent, PATROL Classic Console, PATROL Central and Console Server).


Blackout KM 1.2.00 Release Notes
Blackout KM 1.2.00 Installation Guide
Blackout KM 1.2.00 User Guide
Blackout KM 1.2.00 Reference Guide
Blackout KM 1.2.00 Documentation

Additional Files

Download Java Runtime Environment and BMC Software Installation Utility.