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This solution requires BMC TrueSight Operations Management. If you are not a BMC User, please contact BMC Software first.

Applications Monitoring

Monitoring Studio

Cover all technologies critical to your business
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Monitoring Studio by Sentry Software is the solution to eliminate any monitoring gap in BMC TrueSight Operations Management. Designed as a "toolbox", the solution enables the monitoring of almost any technology (application, server, device, etc.) for which there is no out-of-the box monitoring solution on the market. In a few clicks and without any coding, 100% of the IT infrastructure is fully covered.

Monitoring Studio

At a glance

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Monitoring Studio

New Features

Leverage any Nagios Plugin

Extend the monitoring coverage of your IT environment by using Nagios Plugins in TrueSight Operations Management.

Learn more Watch the video - 3:01

Import any Nagios Configuration

Migrate from Nagios to BMC TrueSight Operations Management without rewriting all over again

Learn more Watch the video - 3:47

Leverage a powerful monitoring toolkit

Leverage a powerful monitoring toolkit

  • Native integration with BMC TrueSight
  • Easy and intuitive set-up
  • Fast configuration through a responsive and modern UI
  • Unified configuration interface to easily create custom monitoring templates

Cover up to 100% of the IT infrastructure

  • Thorough analysis of command lines, Web requests, WBEM/WMI and database queries
  • Simplified monitoring of file systems, folders, processes, Windows events, services, etc.
  • Careful listening of SNMP traps and in-depth polling of SNMP agents
  • Efficient string searches and numeric value extractions on all monitored instances return output
Cover up to 100% of the IT infrastructure
Monitor custom applications and non-standard technologies

Monitor custom applications and non-standard technologies

  • Real time monitoring of diverse custom applications and components
  • Application performance monitoring across physical, virtual, local and remote systems
  • Large offering of free monitoring templates for uncovered technologies
  • Integration of Nagios custom configurations and monitoring of any Nagios Plugins

Manage faults across all applications

  • Converged monitoring of multi-technology and multi-vendor applications
  • Prompt detection of performance issues for optimal reactivity
  • Minimized downtimes for reduced SLA penalties and improved customers satisfaction
  • Powerful alarm feature to trigger notifications or corrective actions
Manage faults across all applications

Monitor Any Technology with Monitoring Studio

Like George, leverage Monitoring Studio’s powerful features and see all your monitoring gaps disappear.

Watch the video - 5:40
Monitoring Studio

Key Benefits

Improve Availability

Make sure all critical technologies (applications, servers, devices, etc.) are up and running.

Save Time

Stop wasting time developing custom monitoring modules for your custom technologies.

Reduce Risks

Cover all technologies, including custom in-house and non-standard technologies.

Increase Business Value

Extract business metrics out of your technologies for further analysis.

Monitoring Studio

Monitoring features


  • Command Line
  • File/Folder
  • File System
  • Windows Event
  • Windows Performance Counter


  • Database Query
  • Nagios Plugins
  • Process
  • Windows Service


  • SNMP Polling
  • SNMP Trap
  • WBEM Query
  • Web Request
  • WMI Query

And Many More...

  • Dynamic Instances
  • Multi-Parameter Formula
  • String Search and Numeric Value Extraction
  • Text Pre-Processing
  • Value Mapping
Monitoring Studio

Configuration Templates

Extend your monitoring coverage through a constantly enriched list of configuration templates.

    Monitoring Studio

    Customer Testimonials

    Thanks Sentry Software for eliminating the need to juggle between all our diverse application server types. This consolidated tool principle works great for us!

    Amazing how easy it is to use! To be honest, I was rather skeptical about this solution when our BMC consultant proposed it... the trial removed all traces of disbelief.

    I would definitely recommend Monitoring Studio. At long last an effective LOG parsing solution!