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Monitoring Studio

Monitoring Studio

Cover all technologies critical to your business.


Monitoring Studio by Sentry Software is the solution to eliminate monitoring gaps and enhance agent access in BMC TrueSight Operations Management. Designed as a "toolbox", the solution enables the monitoring of almost any technology (application, server, device, etc.) for which there is no out-of-the box monitoring solution on the market. Its modern Web interface combined to a powerful REST API provides direct access to the TrueSight Agent to facilitate a quick and easy setup of 100% of any IT infrastructure, without any coding or complex configuration.

Access the Web Interface directly from TrueSight Presentation Server
Get a detailed view of each monitored component, parameter, related Monitors and system configuration
Visualize all the events that are triggered by the PATROL Agent and get detailed information about cause and context
Design templates to monitor devices, systems or applications on several hosts
Manage user account rights to control the access to a PATROL Agent
Enable the Debug Mode for troubleshooting issues and open the debug files directly from the Web Console
Benefit from an interactive DOS prompt in the system where the PATROL Agent is running
Benefit from a full-featured terminal available for Linux and UNIX systems
Monitoring Studio

At a glance

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  • Technical Datasheet

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Monitoring Studio

New Features

Access to the PATROL Agent directly from TrueSight presentation server

  • Direct access to the Monitoring Studio KM Web Interface from TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) using existing infrastructure
  • Live and secure interaction with the PATROL Agent and its main components
  • Dynamic representation of the PATROL Agent's parameters and events
  • Secured access (full or read only) to the configuration functionality based on user rights level

Remote management of the PATROL Agent from an intuitive web console

  • Easy and integrated configuration capabilities to set PATROL Agent properties remotely
  • Real-time insight into the PATROL Agent behavior and PATROL Event Management
  • Diagnostic tools including a built-in Linux/Unix/Windows command prompt
  • A REST API for the PATROL Agent to automate tasks
Leverage a <span>powerful</span> monitoring <span>toolkit</span>

Leverage a powerful monitoring toolkit

  • Native integration with BMC TrueSight
  • Easy and intuitive set-up
  • Fast configuration through a responsive and modern UI
  • Unified configuration interface to easily create custom monitoring templates

Cover up to 100% of the IT infrastructure

  • Thorough analysis of command lines, Web requests, WBEM/WMI and database queries
  • Simplified monitoring of file systems, folders, processes, Windows events, services, etc
  • Careful listening of SNMP traps and in-depth polling of SNMP agents
  • Efficient string searches and numeric value extractions on all monitored instances return output
Cover up to <span>100%</span> of the <span>IT infrastructure</span>
Monitor <span>custom applications</span> and <span>non-standard technologies</span>

Monitor custom applications and non-standard technologies

  • Real time monitoring of diverse custom applications and components
  • Application performance monitoring across physical, virtual, local and remote systems
  • Large offering of free monitoring templates for uncovered technologies
  • Integration of Nagios custom configurations and monitoring of any Nagios Plugins

Manage faults across all applications

  • Converged monitoring of multi-technology and multi-vendor applications
  • Prompt detection of performance issues for optimal reactivity
  • Minimized downtimes for reduced SLA penalties and improved customers satisfaction
  • Flexible alarm feature to trigger notifications or corrective actions
<span>Manage faults</span> across all applications

Monitor Any Technology with Monitoring Studio

Like George, leverage Monitoring Studio's powerful features and see all your monitoring gaps disappear.

Watch the video - 5'40
Monitoring Studio

Key Benefits

Improve Availability

Make sure all critical technologies (applications, servers, devices, etc.) are up and running.

Save Time

Stop wasting time developing custom monitoring modules for your custom technologies.

Reduce Risks

Cover all technologies, including custom in-house and non-standard technologies.

Increase Business Value

Extract business metrics out of your technologies for further analysis.

Monitoring Studio

Useful Features

A modern implementation of the PATROL Console

  • Multiple views for parameters and their status
  • Live access to events at Agent level
  • Metric values and history
  • REST API for the PATROL Agent

Remote agent diagnostics

  • Powerful Agent configuration / thresholds capabilities
  • Interactive Command Prompt
  • Direct Access to Log Files
  • Ability to build and run PSL scripts

Interactive monitoring template design

  • Intuitive template design tool
  • Convenient templates import/export feature
  • Mass deployment of monitoring templates via CMA
Monitoring Studio

Customer Testimonials

The Monitoring Studio TSPS component is one of the most useful features since years in the TrueSight universe. I strongly recommend it!

That's why I love Monitoring Studio... there is always another way!

Thank you Sentry Software for making TrueSight even better!

Thanks Sentry Software for eliminating the need to juggle between all our diverse application server types. This consolidated tool principle works great for us!

Monitoring Studio

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