P9014 - 1900B02: Patch Bundle for Hardware Sentry KM 1.9.00

Jul 08, 2015
Patch for Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL - Version(s) 1.9.00

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Patch content

This patch bundle contains all the patches currently available for Hardware Sentry KM 1.9.00:

  1. P1518: False Alerts on Network Ports on VMWare ESX 5.5 Servers
  2. P1522: Duplicate Processor Instances for IBM xSeries
  3. P1524: Undetected Power Failures on IBM AIX Servers
  4. P1528: Duplicate Processor Instances for IBM xSeries
  5. P1530: Add HBA Link Speed, Statistics, Remove Duplicate LUN Monitoring
  6. P1532: Inaccurate Power Consumption Values on HP ProLiant Running VMware ESX
  7. P1534: Add Monitoring of LUNs on VMWare ESX5i / vSphere 5 host Servers
  8. P1536: Dell PowerEdge - Disks Not Attached to Their Controller
  9. P1538: Data Domain - Unknown Status for Physical Disks
  10. P1541: Network Delays on IBM AIX Servers
  11. P1543: Link Speed not Available for Cisco Nexus Switches
  12. P1545: Improved Monitoring of Hitachi USP, VSP
  13. P1547: Disk Controllers and Batteries not Discovered for HP Servers Running ESX
  14. P1549: Compatibility Issues when Using Event Management KM
  15. P1553: Monitoring Hitachi (HDS) AMS, HUS with HSNM2 CLI
  16. P1554: IBM TS3100/3200 and Dell TL2000/4000 Tape Libraries - False Alerts on...
  17. P1556: Monitoring VMware ESXi Servers Using vCenter for Authentication
  18. P1558: Monitoring Pure Storage FA Series
  19. P1560: LUNs: Duplicate Instances and False Missing Alarms
  20. P1562: Hitachi HDS AMS/HUS Monitoring HSNM2 CLI Improved Reliability
  21. P1563: EMC Disk Array Connector Fails with Partial Results
  22. P1565: Monitoring EMC Isilon Clusters
  23. P1567: RAID controller’s batteries: false warnings (IBM xSeries) and improved battery-controller association
  24. P1568: Monitoring QLogic HBAs on ESX Servers
  25. P1570: Dell CMC - Identify blades with their hostnames
  26. P1572: Power Consumption Monitoring on HP ProLiant Servers Running ESX
  27. P1574: DiskPart Connector Causes Thread, Handle Leak in VDS.EXE on Windows
  28. P1579: VMWare ESX - Memory Sensors Listed in "Other" Sensors
  29. P1581: Adaptec Storman Connector - Missing Physical Disks
  30. P1583: HP-UX WBEM Network - Invalid Link Status
  31. P1585: IBM BladeCenter Switch and Management Module Monitoring
  32. P1587: IBM Storwize (SSH): LEDs Monitoring Fix and Support for V3700 Systems
  33. P1589: False Voltage Alerts for SPARC Enterprise Mx000 (XSCF) Systems
  34. P1591: Solaris 11 - No Overall CPU or Memory (Global) Status
  35. P1594: Sun Solaris: False alarms on LEDs, Invalid Temperature and Voltage Values
  36. P1596: Too Many Sun Solaris MultiCore Processors Discovered
  37. P1599: Monitoring Disks on VMware ESX Servers
  38. P1601: IBM Storwize (SSH) - Additional Disk Information
  39. P1603: Monitoring Disks in IBM AIX through sissasraidmgr
  40. P1605: Monitoring HP P2000 G3 MSA Array Systems via WBEM
  41. P1608: MPIO Monitoring for Sun/Oracle Solaris
  42. P1610: Hitachi HDS AMS/HUS: Authentication Issues and Missing Logical Disk Information
  43. P1611: IBM AIX pSeries Servers - HBAs with MPIO enabled
  44. P1613: LSI RAID Controller Monitored by Multiple Connectors
  45. P1615: Monitoring Cisco UCS Interconnect Switches connected to C-Series
  46. P1617: Dell CMC: Increased Timeouts
  47. P1619: VMWare ESX - Enhanced Power Supply Monitoring
  48. P1621: Oracle/Sun Solaris - Disks Larger than 1TB not Discovered
  49. P1623: Power Supply monitoring on Oracle Servers (SPARC) using IPMI
  50. P1625: Monitoring LSI Sas2ircu Managed RAID Controllers (Linux)
  51. P1627: Brocade SAN Switches WBEM Connector - Other Devices Not Attached to Enclosure
  52. P1628: Reporting more Accurately on Logical Disk Size
  53. P1629: Improved Monitoring of Fujitsu Eternus Storage Systems
  54. P1631: Support for IBM PureFlex Chassis Monitoring
  55. P1633: Quantum Scalar i2000 and i6000: Improved Identifiers / Unknown Cleaning Status
  56. P1637: Network's BandwidthUtilization Parameter not Activated
  57. P1639: IBM AIX pSeries Servers- Unmonitored Child Devices for FC Ports
  58. P1641: Huawei Storage Systems (OceanStor) Monitoring via SNMP
  59. P1643: Monitoring of Oracle/Sun - ZFS Storage Appliances
  60. P1645: Monitoring through Oracle Hardware Management Agent
  61. P1647: Monitoring of Oracle/Sun - Xsigo Switches via SNMP
  62. P1649: Improved Network Monitoring through SNMP MIB-2 for Windows and Network Switches
  63. P1651: Sun SPARC Servers (Prtpicl) - DisplayID and Fan Thresholds Improved
  64. P1653: Oracle/Sun Out-of-Band Monitoring using SNMP
  65. P1655: Monitoring of Oracle/Sun InfiniBand DCS Switches via SNMP
  66. P1657: Support for VMware ESX6
  67. P1659: Support for MacroSan Storage Systems
  68. P1661: Warning Notification on Decreasing AvailablePathCount for LUNs
  69. P1662: VMware ESX False Fan Speed Alerts

Should you install this patch?

This patch should be installed to upgrade Hardware Sentry KM 1.9.00.

What does it fix?

Please refer to each description page to know what do they fix.

How to install the patch?

How to install and 1900B02.tar?

On Windows, unzip the following file to the %PATROL_HOME% directory on the managed systems:


On UNIX, un-tar the following file to the $PATROL_HOME directory on the managed systems:

  • 1900B02.tar

Reinitialize the KM ([right-click] on the main Hardware icon in the PATROL Console > [KM Commands] > [Reinitialize...]). And then restart the PATROL Agents for the patch bundle to take effect.

How to install and mshwp_ALL_190002.tar?

These patch bundles are installable through the BMC installation utility, just like the KM. The installation of or mshwp_ALL_190002.tar leverages the BMC Software Installation Utility. Please review the Hardware Sentry Installation Guide for the setup instructions.