BMC Performance Manager Express for EMC Disk Arrays

Release Notes for v2.1.02

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What's New

Support for EMC SMI-S provider v8.0.3.
Support for EMC NAS 8.1.0.

Changes and Improvements

The RAID Level trace in log files has been improved.
The CI_ID and MetaTokenID parameters were added to the following application classes, to allow users to populate the BPPM/TSIM Service cell with CIs and relationships:
Disk Array
CIFS Server
Data Mover
Control Station
DM Ethernet Port
Disk Group
EMC SMI-S Provider
EMC SMI-S Provider (Managed Array)
Ethernet Port
Fiber Port
File System
NFS Server,
Physical Disk
Power Supply
Storage Pool
Volume application classes
Only the CI_ID parameter was added to the Disk Array, Filer, Fan application classes.

Fixed Issues

The Storage Pool parameter for the Volume application class is now collected for all volumes.
The Host WWN reported for volumes is now properly formatted and displayed.
The data gap that occurred after the discovery for the Disk Time Utilization and the Response Time parameters (CLARiiON and VNX physical disks only) has been fixed. Parameters are now accurately reported.

Known Issues

Because the computation methods used by the EMC SMI-S provider differ between versions 4 and 8, the following parameters will not return the same value:
Consumed Capacity ( Volume | Storage Pool (Symmetrix) | Disk Group)
Consumed Capacity Percentage ( Volume | | Storage Pool (Symmetrix) | Disk Group)
Capacity (Disk Group |  Disk Array)
Available Capacity ( Disk Array )
Size ( Disk Group )